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The missing man (†32 years old) was found in the belly of a shark. Tattoo revealed personality

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Diego Barria has been missing since February 18, when the 32-year-old father of three was last seen on his ATV on the south coast of Argentina. Apparently, the man was the victim of a shark attack in the waters of the province of Chubut. According to police, he apparently had an accident, after which he was dragged into the water by a predator, according to Sky News.

Human remains were found in the stomach of a shark, one of three common dog heads caught by local fishermen on Sunday morning. They immediately reported their find to the police, and Barrio’s ATV was also found near the entrance to the water.

Officer Daniela Millatruzova, who led the search for the missing man, told the press that the fishermen, while cleaning the caught predators, “found human remains in one of them.” The Barria family was called to the station, the relatives were able to identify Barria with a tattoo, confirmed Millatruzova. However, the policewoman stressed that the results of DNA tests are still pending.

What happened is still unclear, but the investigation will continue. Barrio’s car was damaged, so it is clear that he was involved in an accident. It was parked on the beach in Rocas Coloradas, the police found the ATV two days after it disappeared. “We believe that Diego was involved in an accident, we are investigating whether another vehicle was involved.” Millatruzova commented.

Comodoro Rivadavia police chief Cristian Ansaldo said: the captured dog’s head with human remains in the stomach was about 1.5 meters long. Ansaldo believes that after the accident, Barria went into the water, where he was grabbed by a shark and dragged into deeper waters. The fact that Barria was bleeding, as well as the high tide that the area faced that weekend, may have helped the predator attack.

Source: Blesk

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