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Embarrassment of the prime minister’s security service. Scholz was hugged by a stranger right in front of the bodyguards

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Members of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s bodyguards were embarrassed Wednesday when the man quietly joined the convoy of cars transporting the politician. He then hugged the prime minister of the federal government at Frankfurt am Main airport, Bild writes today.

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The incident took place on Wednesday when Scholz was in Frankfurt to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the European Central Bank. The driver managed to pass between the cars of the chancellor’s motorcade and even pass through the gates of Frankfurt airport, although the number of his car was not mentioned anywhere. When the chancellor got off at the airport from his limousine, the man rushed to him, shook his hand and hugged him. According to Bild, Scholz did not defend himself in any way.. It was only at this point that the police and Chancellor’s security personnel from the Federal Criminal Bureau noticed that Scholz was in a potentially dangerous situation. The man was arrested. A spokesperson for the BKA stated that he did not resist.

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People close to the chancellor said that “Scholz did not consider the situation It’s okay, it was just a surprisingly warm hug for him.”

Source: Blesk

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